A Protection Plan that Will Keep You Rolling

How it Benefits You: If you sell new tires, you can also sell your customers additional peace of mind by protecting their investment with the Road Hazard Protection Program. You set the cost of this 36-month, pro-rated Plan and you keep the proceeds. This plan is designed to help you compete with the tire chains with similar offerings, while also making additional profits.

36 Months of Pro-Rated Coverage

Radius-Based Claim Handling

Available to All TechNet Members

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Contact Information:
Warranty Administrator – (866) 588-0728
Registration – (866) 282-3667 (fax)
Enrollment Questions (Sonsio)
(877) 334-0325

Road Hazard Tire Protection Plan User Agreement & Enrollment Form
Online Registration Form
Road Hazard Procedure Manual
Consumer Terms and Conditions


Program Coverage

The Road Hazard Tire Protection Program is an included benefit of your TechNet Membership, but REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED before you can begin selling the plan.

This plan covers your customers’ tire purchases for three years. It includes 100% replacement the first year, 50% replacement the second year, and 25% replacement the third year, down to 2/32″ tread wear. It’s just that easy, with no complicated mileage/tread wear charts to consult.

Claims occurring inside the 40 kilometers radius are considered your responsibility. Those repairs or replacements should be financed by a portion of the revenue you’ve received on plan sales (we recommend putting aside 3-5% of your Road Hazard revenue for those claims). TechNet will take care of customers when they are beyond the 40 kilometers radius from your shop.

If your customer gets a replacement tire, don’t forget to protect the new tire by selling a plan for it. That tire will then be covered against road hazard events for 36 months.

When your traveling customers have a claim, they call the Warranty Administrator at 866-588-0728 and follow the prompts. They will then be referred to the nearest qualified facility for tire repairs or replacements.

To begin selling the Road Hazard Tire Protection Plan you must:
Register online or complete a User Agreement & Enrollment Form and submit it via fax to 866-282-3667, or postal mail to TechNet Customer Care, P.O. Box 17659, Golden, CO 80402. For questions or assistance with enrollment, contact Sonsio at 877-334-0325.
Read the Consumer Terms and Conditions.

Find Out More

Register online, or view, download and complete the Road Hazard Tire Protection Plan User Agreement & Enrollment Form for additional plan details.

The Road Hazard Procedure Manual for all states provides information on the claim process, FAQs and contact information.

Repair order holders, invoice stickers and more are available here to help you market the tire protection plan in your shop.