Static Cling Label Printer

The Static Cling Label Printer is a valuable customer retention tool that provides your customers with a professional, timely reminder of when to come back to your shop.

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At A Glance

  • Static cling labels, placed on the windshield, remind customers to return to your shop for a variety of return services.
  • Labels can be personalized with your shop’s brand and business information.
  • Labels are fade resistant and will not smudge.
  • The printer, TTP-225, is pre-programmed to easily include date and mileage intervals. Choose from a Windows compatible system, or stand-alone system with keyboard.

How It Benefits You

Professional-looking, branded labels let you quickly include date and mileage intervals without hassle, and remind your customers to return to your shop. Your business information can be pre-programmed to print on each static cling label.

Find Out More

To order, download the Order Form and fax it to 631-467-2683. Visit, call 800-446-8003, or order a Static Cling Label Printer online.

Program Details

The stand-alone OR Windows compatible versions of the Static Cling Label Printer are available, at the same low cost, for $545 plus shipping and handling. The stand-alone version includes the printer, keypad and the first label ribbon. The Windows version includes the CD, printer, USB cable and the first label ribbon. TechNet-branded labels, replacement ribbons, and dust covers are also available. Printers can be programmed to print custom messages or coupons (in multiple languages) for future services. A 2-year warranty on the printer and keypad is included. Name, address and phone number changes can be made remotely on the TTP-225, so there is no longer a need to send the machine back for reprogramming.