Road Hazard

A Protection Plan that Will Keep You Rolling

It makes sense to purchase a Road Hazard Tire Protection plan from a participating TechNet Professional shop because tire manufacturers do not cover a puncture and bruise incurred during normal travel. For additional protection, add this plan to any eligible new tire purchase and installation to receive coverage nationwide for up to 3 years against common road hazard events.

3 Years of Tire Protection – Nationwide

Covering Those Unexpected Bumps

Up to 100% Replacement Coverage*

Road Hazard

Program Coverage

Road Hazard Tire Protection provides three years of prorated coverage on your new tire purchase when offered by your authorized TechNet shop.

What is Covered
  • Punctures
  • Nails or Glass Damage
  • Bruise or Breaks
  • Potholes or Curb Damage
  • During the first 12 months, coverage includes flat tire changing assistance up to $75 and flat tire repair up to $25 per incident.
What is NOT Covered
  • Defects in Materials or Workmanship (covered by manufacturer of tire)
  • Fire, Theft, Vandalism
  • Off-road use
  • Accidents
  • See terms and conditions for complete details.

Coverage Terms
  • Coverage limited to the original selling price or the replacement selling price, whichever is less; and cannot exceed $399.99 per tire.
  • Coverage is for 3 years or down to 2/32nds treadwear, whichever comes first.

How to Obtain Service

When less than 40 kilometers away from your original selling dealer or common owner location, contact your original selling dealer to arrange returning your vehicle and damaged tire(s) to that location for repair or replacement service.

If you are more than 40 kilometers from the original dealer, you must contact the Warranty Administrator at 866-588-0728 prior to any warranty repair work being performed. You will be directed to the nearest participating service center location. If there are no participating locations in your area, you may take your vehicle to a non-participating service center in your area.

Download Complete Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions